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Control one of the classic characters from the King of Fighters franchise, including Terry Bogard himself, in the awesome MMORPG King of Fighters World. Choose your character and fight or talk with dozens of characters from famous King of Fighters franchise.

King of Fighters World's controls are virtually identical to other titles from the genre. Move your character with a virtual joystick, or by tapping on the active mission button, and use all the buttons on the right side of the screen to attack or dodge. Also on the right side is an action button you can use for various tasks depending on the situation.

King of Fighters World has hundreds of different missions, in which you can earn experience and find items. In many of these missions you have to face dozens of enemies, including some of the saga's most famous bosses. You'll need superb fighting skills and a great team to defeat them all.

With excellent graphics and loads of content, King of Fighters World successfully brings the popular King of Fighters franchise to the MMORPG genre.
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Android 4.2 or higher required

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